New Construction Painting

Are you starting a new construction project? Call Greco Painting, Inc. for high quality paint projects. Our experienced craftsmen can not only paint exterior and interior walls, but also masterfully handle doors.

When paint is applied to any wall, it makes the surfaces striking and vibrant. In addition to a new paint job being visually pleasing, paints and other sealers act as a protective shield against erosion caused by exposure to the elements.

Our construction painters are skilled in many areas. When you hire Greco Painting, Inc., expect our painters to perform the following functions:

  • Protecting your surfaces by covering floors and windows
  • Scaffolding and ladders set up
  • Hole and crack filling with caulk, putty, and plaster
  • Area assessment and calculating the precise measurements
  • Primer and sealer preparation (to make sure the paint adheres to desired surfaces)
  • Expert paint and stain selection (to achieve your perfect desired color and appearance)
  • Paint and finish application with hand brushes, rollers, and/or sprayers

There are many ways to apply paint. This plethora of choice is why you need an experienced construction painter to make the informed tool and application choice. Some choices could include selecting the correct roller, power sprayer, and size brush.

Selecting the right tool depends greatly on the characteristics defining the surface that needs the painting treatment. When needed, our construction painters are trained to use special equipment to help expedite the process and keep the workers safe. One example of when a worker might need to wear special equipment would be if they were operating in a confined area. In this instance, the worker would wear a self-contained suit to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. For high tight spots, construction painters wear harnesses to help aide in their work.