It’s well known that the color of paints and finishes used for decoration can set the mood and create psychological effects both inside and outside your home. An expert, Tucson painting contractor like Greco Painting Inc, can help you create precisely the results you want for your guests and family members.

Color follows function

The first question to ask is “What’s the main use for this room or space?” As with other architectural and design details, the choice of home colors should facilitate the functioning of the space.

Foyer & living room

For example, in a foyer, entryway or living room the primary function is to welcome guests and family and help them transition from outside to inside and give a feeling of warmth.

For entries or living rooms yellows, reddish earthy tones, and beige colors are excellent for transitioning between outside and inside. And, these tones are also welcoming to visitors – Studies have shown that they help stimulate conversation.

Kitchen & dining room

The kitchen and dining room are both associated with food and socializing, which begs the use of yellows and reds. If you’ve always wondered why the traditionally predominant color in all kinds of restaurants is red, it’s because psychologists have long known that red stimulates the appetite of diners.

So, commercial kitchens and dining rooms rely heavily on red because it leads people to eat more. Even at home, deep red paint colors can work well in formal dining rooms.

However, if red seems too loud, then related colors such as mauve (purplish-brown), taupe (brownish-yellow) or even yellow ochre (bright brownish-yellow) paints will create elegant, inviting kitchens and dining rooms.

Home office and work areas

Green is an excellent color to enhance productivity and work efficiency. That’s because green paint colors are known to help people concentrate and focus better, and feel more inspired.

Apart from bright greens which serve better as trim colors and for exterior painting, there is a wide range of green colors that are both serious and elegant. These colors include olive, mint, sage, seafoam and many others.

Bathrooms and laundries

For bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, and similar “clean” rooms, white and off-white colors are most appropriate; white will always be in style. To paint decorative details, accent areas, or to create a more spa-like atmosphere for a bathroom, colors in the blue and green families can be used to complement the whites and off-whites.

In any event, as long as there’s plenty of white or off-white, bathrooms and clean rooms will give people the sensing space is fresh, clean and calm.


At the end of the workday, it’s time to relax. Although the base color of bedrooms is often white, off-white or beige, using accent and trim shades of blue, lavender, and light green have been shown to have a calming, soothing effect on people.

And, it seems that the darker the shade of blue and lavender, the stronger the effects. Still, it’s best not to paint an entire bedroom in dark colors – just the trim and accent areas.

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the best paint colors and moods for your home, contact the expert Tucson residential painters at Greco Painting Contractors today.