Did you know that painting small spaces in your home can make these spaces look larger? Small areas tend to feel confining and uncomfortable at times. However, with smart design concepts and paint tricks you can make these interiors to seem more spacious and inviting. Painting techniques, decluttering and wise furniture arrangement and proper lighting are some of the ways you can use to make those tiny spaces in your home to be more inviting, comfortable and beautiful. Continue reading for paint tricks for small rooms:
Choose sharp colors
Using sharp colors to paint the walls of your small rooms instead of dull colors can make you’re the rooms to look more substantial. The use of these colors can be achieved using paint, proper furniture arrangement and accent pieces. Always remember to leave space between the sharp colors to give them visibility.
Paint a focal wall
A focal wall is a wall that you paint a darker color than the other walls in the room. A focal wall is something not all designers will agree with, but from my experience as a paint professional, this will work just fine. The reason behind this trick is that darker color on one particular wall will make the wall appear as though it is receding. When you take a look at the room, you will think that space is more significant.
Choose light colors
Light colors can open up small spaces and make them look and feel spacious. Bright colors work because they take advantage of the little natural light available in the room allowing it to bounce and stay in the place. Due to their effect on the eye, light colors will enable the eye to move around in the room freely. To ensure that this trick works perfectly, avoid using color change. When you change colors, the eye stops moving freely, and it notices that there is a barrier between the walls. Dark colors will make the walls to seem smaller.
Use color to connect spaces
When used adequately throughout a small room, different shades of the same color can make the room to appear larger. To ensure that this trick works, start by painting the adjoining rooms with the same color. Different shades will keep the eye moving from one place to another. You can then accessorize with pillows, artworks, lampshades as well as other items that have varying shades of the same color.
Clear the clutter and let the natural light in
No matter how creative you are with paint, making a small room to look larger without decluttering the room is useless. Clutter makes even larger spaces to appear modest. You should get rid of the clutter and allows the natural light in. Little clutter will make the room to appear large instantly.
We at Greco Painting understand the need for space in a home. With the help of our professionals, we will help you make the most out of your small rooms.