Your guest bedroom is a place where you can take your design skills and let them shine. Since it’s not your typical room, you can take liberty in making it a unique, one-of-a-kind room in your home. There are many ideas for making it fun and inviting to your guests. You merely have to choose with which one you want to go.

When it comes to choosing a color for your guest bedroom, you will find the options are endless. However, here are a few color ideas for you to ponder and choose from while you want to update or redo your guest bedroom.

Blue and Brown
Blue is a well known soothing color. The color combination of light blue with a rich, chocolate brown color is quite popular. It not only is calming, but it is also warm and inviting. The main thing to remember is to repeat the colors throughout the room. If you have mild brown on the walls, be sure to add accents with pillows or rugs to keep that same color. If you choose blue to paint the walls, then be sure to add in that same hue with accents as well.

Neutral Colors
Consider going neutral with the wall color so that you can bring vibrant color in with the accent pillows and furnishings. Wall colors could consist of warm beige or cinnamon tones while you accent with bright blues or lavender.

Yellow is not the typical bright sunshine yellow that you may think of when you hear the word. This color would be more along the lines of a pale creamy yellow color that is soothing and inviting. You can accent with darker shades but keep the walls a mellowed-out version of the color.

Bring in the Sea
The usual colors you’d find on your beach visit can also make a warm and be inviting guest bedroom décor. These colors consist of a variety of blues and tan colors that you can accent throughout the room. It is a very soothing palette and lends itself to any gender that you may have staying in your guest bedroom.
These are just a few of the color selections you can utilize for your guest bedroom. They are warm, inviting, and soothing so that your guests are sure to relax and enjoy their stay. Keep these in mind when you’re redecorating or starting from scratch.