Painting the interior walls of your home is an inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your home with color. It can be an exciting process if you have the rights tools and equipment. However, there are aspects of the process that can be overwhelming. Interior painting is not an easy process and it is not as quick as changing a light bulb. Nonetheless, the transformation it brings to your home is a worthwhile investment. What are some of the benefits of interior painting?

Benefits of interior painting

• Provides a resilient barrier against scuffs, stains, and spills
• It offers a warm welcome to your guests and friends
• Enhances a clean, new surface that shines and inspires
• Presents new colors that refresh your outlook and stimulates up tired routine
• The need to get rid of the damaging effects of time and family life
• Evokes and inspires home in the home

When to paint

There are several factors or pointers that indicate that it is time to paint the interior walls of your home. A good number of homeowners paint their homes when they want to sell the house. Well, this is one of the best ways to prepare your home for selling. However, it is not the only time to paint your house. Individuals planning to stay in their homes for the rest of their life will paint their homes with a different motivation; which is the quality of family life. To know if it is time to paint your home, you will need answers to the following questions:

• Are there rooms in your home that feel and look outdated and worn out?
• Do you love the colors on your walls?
• Do the walls of your home have cracks, ugly marks, drywall, plaster damage or holes?
• Do you have marks, stains that cannot be removed by simply cleaning them off?

These are some of the reasons to paint the interior walls of your home. Interior painting gives life to your home, improves the look of your house and inspires hope to the occupants of the home. You do not have to paint the entire house to make it look beautiful. You can just paint a single room, a hallway or even the entry point. With time you will get the motivation to decorate the whole house.

Painting contractor VS DIY


When it comes to painting a home, a good number of people would go for DIY option rather than hiring a professional painter. The most significant factor that pushes a lot of homeowners to try and paint their homes by themselves is to save money. This is something most homeowners would consider if they are on a budget.

Another reason that encourages DIY interior painting is the satisfaction that comes with the idea and seeing the results after you have painted it yourself. You will always feel encouraged and inspired when you do it yourself and actually complete painting a room all by yourself. Armed with the right tools and equipment you can do it yourself.

Hiring a professional

Although most homeowners will argue that hiring a professional painter or contractor is expensive, this option has numerous benefits. For example, it reduces the amount of time, effort and hassle that you have gone through or wasted while trying to do it yourself. In fact, it may take a few hours for a contractor to paint the entire house, something that would have made you days if not weeks to complete.

Professional contractors have immense experience, and this makes them more efficient. Additionally, they have the right tools, equipment and training to get the job done correctly. It is not easy to get poorly done painting job that has been completed by a professional contractor, but you can quickly notice that the painting was not correctly done if it is the homeowner who did it.

The difference in results is yet another reason to hire a professional painter. As much as a skilled do-it-yourself painter can do an adequate job, a professional painter will do it better. A professional understands how to provide a proper finish with great color combinations, smoother finishes, straighter lines and above all the quality is unmatched.

How to choose the right contractor?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right contractor for your project or painting job:

• Does the contractor have genuine and verifiable customer reviews? You can find this out by checking their website online through Google, Angie’s List, Yelp and any other reliable reviews forum.

• Does the contractor have a site? If yes, does the website have a portfolio where you can review the painter’s past projects and experience?

• Is the contractor responsive concerning communication and how is their customer service and response to the queries of their customer?
You can quickly establish this by calling them and paying attention to how they respond to your questions.

• Are they friendly, polite and timely when you inquire about an estimate?

When hiring a painting contractor, it is advisable to get quotes from different service providers. Additionally, it essential to ask about the quality of paint and equipment that will be used in your project. This is because poor quality paint or material may not last for long and you will be back repainting again.