Of all the commonly attempted household DIY jobs, painting is one of the least daunting. However, it still requires planning, preparation, and execution to do correctly without excessive mess and expense. Any great paint job means knowing what products are necessary for the type of surface you plan to paint; as well as whether the primers and/or base coats you are using are compatible with the final top layer that will be on display (at least until the next paint job)! If these caveats are causing you to groan, you may want to consider hiring a professional painting contractor seriously. Here are eight good reasons to do so.

1.) Hiring a pro means there’s no responsibility for tedious preparation (taping edges, sanding, moving furniture, belongings, etc.)
2.) A professional will know what products to use for each surface.
3.) If you are having difficulty making choices, an experienced pro will give you all the information you need to know about the paints available.
4.) A good, professional painting contractor will have all the necessary equipment, such as drop-sheets, rollers, paint brushes, ladders, buckets, etc. No trips to the hardware store unless you agree with the contractor to source the supplies to save on costs.
5.) Professional contractors know how to prepare each type of surface correctly-no guesswork or research to inhibit progress.
6.) Pros will take the time to either tape or remove hardware like hinges or handles before they paint.
7.) If the pro painter makes a mess or the job doesn’t go smoothly/ according to schedule, then they are obliged to make the matter right.
8.) Pro painting contractors can answer directly to an interior designer if you choose to work with one, simplifying communications and the likelihood everything will go smoothly.

If these reasons have convinced you to hire a pro, then there are some important considerations when choosing a contractor. It is important to check for references and examples of their previous work. Also double-check and make sure they are licensed and adequately insured so that if something goes wrong, it won’t cost you anything to rectify the situation. And lastly, reputable professional painting contractors should keep the work site as clean and organized as possible. Good luck!