As a homeowner, it’s relatively easy to spruce up a room by changing the color of the walls, which leads to the inevitable question “What should I use? Paint or Wallpaper?” Each of them has its pros and cons, which are explained below in regards to cost, time and versatility:


An averagely priced gallon of paint will usually cost between 15-50 dollars depending on the brand and quality, whereas average wallpaper goes for 15-30 dollars per roll. While wallpaper is cheaper per unit, the overall cost is more expensive due to the difficulty of installation. Assuming the underlying wall is in decent shape, you have to measure the paper to the precise length you need, apply it perfectly straight and double-check to match the seams correctly. This requires precision and patience; a professional installation can run $500-800 per room. With paint, the same size room will cost much less; around $200-400 per room. Advantage: Paint


Wallpaper can last up to 15 years, while a professional interior paint job will last 7-10 years. However, in the real world, many folks want to change the look of their home’s interior more frequently than every 15 years. Removing dated, out-of-fashion wallpaper is a tedious, sticky and often tricky job; after which you have an equally tedious, sticky and difficult wall-paper application process! With paint, all you have to do is tape the edges, prime the wall(s) in question, and apply a few coats of your desired color. Less time is working and more time enjoying. Advantage: Paint


With an endless variety of both paint and wallpaper, it’s unlikely you won’t be able to find exactly what you want. Paint has an infinite range of colors and finishes, as does wallpaper. Wallpaper makes it much easier to add patterns to your wall, but if you are looking to remodel a bathroom, it’s not advisable to use wallpaper because the moisture in the room will loosen the adhesive, causing it to peel after just a short amount of time. While wallpaper has its fans, we recommend paint once again. Between the relatively low cost, time to apply, and its versatility (no matter the interior space) it is a clear choice!